5 Simple Ways You Can Uplift Someone Today

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There isn’t anything that makes my day like receiving a thoughtful message (except maybe fries) from friends or someone that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, yet. I say that because whether they know it or not, their message made a difference. Whether you know it or not, your “small” gesture can mean a lot to someone. I strongly believe we are placed on earth to help others and spread positivity, especially when we’re constantly bombarded with bad news. So if you’re able to spread good vibes, why not, right? 🙂

Here are 5 Ways to Uplift Others

  1. Listen. Yup, it’s really that simple. Sometimes we just want to vent and let out our thoughts — whatever they may be. Have you ever spoken to someone and they keep cutting you off to talk about themselves? Don’t be that person. Just listen, really listen.
  2. Help. If you see that you can help someone in any way, from borrowing a pencil to giving someone a ride home — do it. I promise you that person will appreciate it more than you can imagine.
  3. Compliment. If you see someone doing something pretty darn awesome, let them know! Complimenting someone on their work doesn’t take away from any of your accomplishments.
  4. Smile. It’s beautiful that someone smiling at me can completely change and elevate my mood. Again, it’s free and you’ll make someone very happy and you’ll feel happy… everyone is happy!
  5. Buy someone coffee. Everyone loves coffee, and if you don’t I’m not sure I trust you (jk..kinda). But really — treat someone to something small — coffee, snack, Coachella tickets, whatever your budget permits.

Thank you for reading! – Jocelyn

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